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This is a Mulder-friendly site, but all other X-Files characters are welcome here as well.

"Obviously people's feelings are going to get hurt when you use certain words, but you can't outlaw words. They're really the history of our culture. They tell you what's going on. When you make words politically incorrect you're taking all the poetry out of the language. I'm pro anybody living their lives the way they want to live it, sexually and otherwise, and I'm anti any kind of language repression." David Duchovny --- Movieline, April 2000.                                                          

I have only included ratings for  R-rated  stories.  Anything else is either PG or PG-13.  Mulder is an adult male and is inclined to use strong language.  Assume there will be profanity and you'll probably be safe.  Not all stories contain it, but a fair number do.  Nevertheless, proceed at your own risk.   All canonical characters are free to come and go as they please in my stories. Flames will be handed to my friends for their amusement and dissection.  Please do NOT archive these stories without my permission. Thank you.

Links to pages with summaries and links to parts of the longer stories

Quick Links to the stories

Post-Episode Stories

Stories inspired by events in a particular episode or written as a continuation of an episode.

Vigil   (The Field Where I Died)

Tunguska Meditations  (Terma)

Missing Voices  (Gethsemane)

Pursuit  (Fight the Future)

Phantasmagoria  (Two Fathers, One Son & Agua Mala)


Stand-Alone Stories

An Inconsiderate Death

In the Shadows of the Moon (R)

Northern Lights   (Crossover with Due South)

On A Country Road (Crossover with Due South)   Best of X-Files at the Rerun Awards 2006              




The Ghost Series

Mulder discovers the extreme possibilities after death

The Ghost in Her Life

The Ghost at Her Side

The Ghost in the Dark

The Ghost Who Came in From the Cold


Absalom Series

A tangled web of conspiracy and counter-conspiracy

Absalom My Son

Absalom: The Snare of the Hunter

Absalom: Cry Havoc

Absalom: Sow the Wind

Absalom: The Price of a Man

Absalom: The Covenant

Absalom: The Three-fold Cord  [part 2 rated R}


The Wall Series

Frohike and Skinner friendship stories

When Johnny Came Marching Home

The Tontine

Blowing in the Wind

Walking in the Valley of the Shadow

Dry Bones


Musings of an X-Phile

Random thoughts on characters or episodes



The Mulder collage was created by Deb, a graphics wizard of the first order.

The X-Files belongs to 1013 Productions and Fox Broadcasting.  I'm writing in admiration for the show.  No copyright infringement is intended.

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